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Hi! I’m Marcelle,

Writer and film director

Marcelle Aleid, a Syrian Canadian Writer and Film Director. Born in Damascus and raised between Syria and the UAE.
Between 2011 - 2012, Marcelle took the role of Deputy Director at Abu Dhabi Film Commission and The Circle Conference which is the industry conference of the film festival in Abu Dhabi UAE. Also the Assistant Producer of 6 short fictions and 3 Short Documentaries. In 2012 She worked with the BBC Natural History Unit in their "Wild Arabia" series.
In 2013, Marcelle was recruited By Sesame Street in the US as the Project Manager to launch a new TV channel for the Arab region.
In 2014 She Wrote and Directed her short film "A Letter" before moving to Canada, where she directed and written 4 short films, "Status," "Vision," "A Date," and Golden Award winning short film "The Truth," which toured the world and won prizes.
In 2015, Marcelle decided to publish her first book in Arabic after she used and still publish stories online. The book is a collection of 20 short stories.

In 2020 Marcelle finished her latest film "Their Truth" which was awarded a Gold Award as best Arabic short at Alexandria Short Film Festival, Egypt.

Marcelle is now working on her first novel called "Silent Squares" which will be published in both English and Arabic. 



Marcelle Aleid’s films and diversity initiatives have been featured in a variety of publications, TV and radio programs, podcasts, blogs and books.


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