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Deal or not a big deal

Here I am looking at the business newspaper while waiting for my turn at some telecommunication office and two articles caught my attention. The first one is the merge between Soroh and Al Dar – two of the biggest real estate companies in Abu Dhabi and the second one was about Sony not being able to continue in one of their products as they are facing some market difficulties (I cant even remember the article – that much I am not into the business news). A thought came to my mind with all my humble knowledge in the market and the business, if all the major companies and big names in the market are facing some difficulties and a lot of the medium size business are closing down and the small businesses are trying to catch up and stay open and the last 5 years has been really difficult.. why don’t they all try to cut the competition crap and go back to the business basics. I have heard about the merge between Soroh and Al Dar since 2010 and at that time it was just a rumour and now it is true, and I understand that competition is good but when the economy is doing really bad in most of the countries except China and Australia (clearly their business is connected) so why dont we forget about the competition and try to survive this economic curse!!

I believe the deals that the big names do around the world are creating a new economic crises as there are bills to pay for each deal… so can I know what is the big deal about being so big while you are actually loosing & firing people? do people plan things the right way or just simply: that looks cool and expensive lets do it!!

These are humble thoughts of a humble ignorant person… ME

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