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I am a certified Film Commissioner

Attending the AFCI University was a great experience, not just because you learn more about the film commissioners world and how to use all the tools you have to market your jurisdiction and do all the economic development studies, but also because you experience a new positive competition among great number of countries/cities/states.

Yesterday I sat in the room with around 40 film commission representatives who came from different parts of the world to learn about how to be an economic developer and the impact of filmmaking on the jurisdiction economy. The great thing about being there is that everyone was transparent, real, not scared to share experiences and details, not shy to talk about weaknesses and problems and seek advice. Although within 2 days all the film commissions in the world will be exhibiting at the Location Show to try to attract more production to their area and compete on who can offer what, but in that room everyone forgot about their competition and took off all the masks and spoke out loud.

I must say I am proud to belong to such association and proud to have colleagues around the world that I can phone anytime at any situation and seek their advice or support if needed and meet them every now and then to stand up in a room and proudly say: I am a certified Film Commissioner.

*AFCI: Association of Film Commissioners International

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