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To screen or not to screen

It really shocks me when a filmmaker make a movie and it gets screened everywhere except his base or hometown and here comes the question: why would you blame the filmmakers when they actually decide to leave and relocate in a country where their work is respected more! and they are now faced with a more difficult question: should they screen their award winning film in their town or not!

To grow an industry you need to believe in the importance of that industry and the builders. To me, the very important asset of the film industry is the filmmakers and building them means crossing a huge milestone and this is the path that some of the regional countries has decided to take where others totally ignored that fact or decided to keep it on hold!

I used to feel bad from those who decided to leave their country and live in a different country with a different passport and become really famous with their great movies and when they are tagged in one of the articles by one of the trades they never talk about their hometown.But now I totally understand, my hometown is where I feel respected and free to create and feel appreciated for that!

p.s. This is a personal view that represents no view other than my view and it is not about a specific country or person.

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