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Where did the budget go!

Where did the budget go!!

It is always a debate on should we hire an agency to do the work or a freelancer and what influence the final decision.

In nowadays world, budget is getting smaller and tighter and companies or small businesses with medium and low budget should really think carefully on how to spend this budget and on what.

Earlier, the idea of a freelancer was not really popular in the GCC and you could hardly find any good ones beside the fact that it is more prestiges to hire an agency that would make you and your company look good. Now this is not an issue anymore as freelancers are now more than what you can imagine and they are with good to excellent experience and most importantly affordable.

So the question that you face, do you hire a freelancer that will properly do the job cheaper or hire an agency that will make you look good and do the job but charge you double for the same job? Do you leave your budget to answer that question or it is a matter of actually trying something new and change the usual that your company or you used to follow?

It is your challenge now to answer the question: where did the budget go?!

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